Monday, January 27, 2014

I Walk Like You Guide Me

Sorry, folks, we had a staff meeting that just let out, and I have to bolt. Here are some bullet points before I do, though:
  • Math Bowl tryouts are tomorrow after school. Pick-up is at 4pm for Math Bowl tryouts, so make sure and put it on the school widget if your child is going to stay after for that.
  • Picture day for the yearbook has been canceled for Wednesday. Don't bring any extra clothes in for that day, because it--like so much else these days--is being delayed.
  • Yet ANOTHER delay: The stress test for the computer system--of which my class was to have been a part of--is not going to be tomorrow. I think the new date on that one is February 4, the next Tuesday.
  • Last but not least, next Wednesday, February 5, is also Jump Rope for Heart. Should be a fun, and exhausting, time.

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