Friday, January 17, 2014

Beyond the Speed of Life

Today was a pretty good Friday. We had our Spelling Test, read about Zebulon Pike's discovery of Pike's Peak, read the first couple pages of a story about tracking the travels of Lewis and Clark, reviewed our chapter in Social Studies, wrote a check on the board for reminder practice, and we extra Genius Files today to make up for lost time.

Here are a few items for getting prepared for next week:
  • We don't have school on Monday. It's Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. 
  • BizTown is on Wednesday! It should be awesome. 
  • Erasers! Pencils! We are having a shortage--or should I say, your children are having a shortage. Their pencils are disintegrating into nothing, and as a result, my pencil supply is being depleted as well. Ask your child if they are running low on pencils, and if so, grab some next time you're at Target or wherever. 
  • January 29 (Wednesday) is picture day for the activities/class photos for the yearbook. If your child is in activities like choir, where they have a uniform of some kind, they are expected to wear it that day. If they have more than one, they should the other one to change into. 
  • January 31 (Friday) is Everybody Counts. I will brief the kids on this activity before the big day, but most of them have been through this several times already at this point. 
  • You will notice that I did not put any comments on the report cards this time. I personally find the space too constrictive (or maybe I'm just long-winded), but I will type those up over the weekend and send them home with your child on Tuesday in a sealed envelope.
  • Word on the street is that they still need more volunteers for Colonial Days on February 7, which is a Friday. They are needed from 8:30am until noon. 
  • We sang a new song at the end of the day today at the suggestion of one of our Lucases. Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of Here I Go Again, but today we sang a song that seemed to be a huge hit with the kids--Africa by Toto.
  • There is more to pass on, but I think this will be enough to get us through to next Tuesday. If I think of something vital, I will hop on and post it right away. Have a great weekend. 

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