Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hey There You With the Stars In Your Eyes

Today we went to the planetarium and it was pretty neat. I always like sitting in that room with the big dome with all of the stars. He has it lit to show what light pollution does, and when he turns it off, it's pretty phenomenal. All of the stars that are up there--reminds me of Camp Tecumseh back when I worked up there.

The kids chose their topics today for the big research projects. Expect a note to come home tomorrow along with a calendar of upcoming due dates, etc. I'm excited for them to start on these.

Last, but definitely not least, look in your child's backpack to find a flyer coming home about Colonial Days. It's coming up on Friday, February 7th. It's being put on by Mrs. Smiler and our very own Mrs. Anderson, plus a whole host of other parent volunteers. Looking over at the mailboxes, I see a few still in there, so if your children is one of those, you might have to look for it tomorrow.

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