Thursday, January 16, 2014

Well Alright Then

It was a huge relief when I asked the students today how many of them and their parents read this thing on a regular basis. Glad to know everybody's getting their information.

As for homework tonight, the kids have a study link in math, a spelling test tomorrow, and then the bigger one is that they have a compare and contrast essay (just two paragraphs) due tomorrow. I also gave them the example essay that we wrote in class. This should be a guideline on how to write it, along with the rubric at the bottom.

We also discussed Colonial Days and next week's BizTown.

Here's the essay assignment:

Compare and Contrast

You are going to write two paragraphs for this assignment. The first one will be comparing two things. The second one will be contrasting two things. Remember the definitions for compare and contrast. You may choose from any of the following topic duos:

Halloween to Christmas.
Your best friend to yourself.
Spending time with your friend to spending time with your dog.
The life of a dog to the life of a cat.
Riding a roller coaster to riding a ferris wheel.
Camping in the woods to sleeping in a hotel.
Talking to your mom and talking to a friend.
Your best birthday to your worst birthday.

The assignment will be graded on the following:
Did you write two fully-developed paragraphs (5-8 sentences)?                           /5
Did you use appropriate punctuation and capitalization?                                     /5
Are the paragraphs appropriate to the subject matter?*                                      /10
Did you give me your personal best?                                                                          /5
*o they do the job of comparing and contrasting?

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