Thursday, January 9, 2014

Out of the Snowmageddon; Into the BizTown

Quick post to tell everyone right now that IF we don't have a two-hour delay tomorrow (and who can assume anything anymore?), we WILL be going to BizTown tomorrow! Originally planned for back in December, it was postponed for a two-hour delay.

IF we get to school on time tomorrow, PLEASE send your child with a completely disposable lunch and have them dress for success.

I will be sending a few of you an email/phone call individually, because I didn't get all of the second round permission slips yet before the break. Back on that Friday before Christmas, I assumed we would have a few days to get those sent home to those people and brought back in before the trip.

I'm hoping that some of you guys are getting so stir-crazy that you're actually checking the blog while being snowed in.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

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