Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Great Cathedral Space

First off, we want to wish a very happy birthday to TWO folks today:
  • Happy Birthday to Charlie Hadden. Charlie is a fifth grader who is a part of the 5-1 homeroom. As Grant and James brought him into our classroom today, the students all sang a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Charlie. Hope your birthday was fantastic, man!
  • Miss Lara paid me a ticket (though she didn't have to) to wish her mom, Angeles Martinez, a very happy birthday. If you were here, we would also sing one for you just like we did Charlie. So feliz cumpleanos, Mrs. Martinez. (Sorry, I couldn't get the ~ over the n...I tried!)
Today we learned about linking verbs, which are helping verbs' tricky friends. A linking verb connects the subject of a sentence to another noun or to an adjective in the sentence. For instance, consider the following sentence:

Mrs. Bertrand is a dietician who works for the hospital.

In that sentence, subject noun is Mrs. Bertrand. What is Mrs. Betrand? A dietician. Mrs. Bertrand and dietician are both the same person. They are linked by the word is, and therefore is is a linking verb. By the way, dietician is what we would call, in this sentence, and predicate nominative.

It works in cases of adjectives also:

My puppy appears very tired right now. 

The subject noun is puppy. What word describes the puppy? Tired. Tired is what we call a predicate adjective. Puppy and tired are connected by the linking verb (appears).

In Math we studied maps, percentages, and fractions in the hardback book as well as the Math Journal. If astronomy, we started our notes featuring different celestial bodies in outer space. By the way, the kids had been asking me about black holes for awhile. I gave them the layman's explanation, but assured them that we would have to travel at the speed of light for thousands and thousands of years before even getting anywhere close to a black hole, which are entirely theoretical. (And yes, we talked about what theoretical means as well...)

That's about it for now. Talk soon.

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