Friday, December 20, 2013

A Class That Is First Class

Today we watched Monsters University as a reward for the kids' earning enough shapes to fill all the way up to the top of the water bottle over the past quarter. I had never seen it before, and I loved it on a whole different level than the kids, I think. There are a lot of great jokes throughout that movie that manage to not only show college as it is (so much is universal), but remained completely appropriate the whole way through. I was the only one who laughed out loud when, after the first test, the professor dryly said, "Results will be posted outside my office."

At the end of the day, I showed that episode of Andy Griffith below. I like to think there were a few hearts that melted when we watched it. We followed that up by watching Jack's suggestion of Russian bear tricks. It was a fun day.

Of course, we had to get some work done first--we took a Spelling test, graded our GCL's, and wrote letters to a classmate. Before that, we were treated to a show from the Woodbrook Choir (including many members of the 5-1 class--Katelyn, Catherine, Fish, Lara, Madi, and Kinsen with sound production by our own Jenna).

And before that, when I picked up the kids from Art, I found them drawing 3-D pictures of cakes and pies, getting ready for the fattening holiday season. I have to say, Mrs. Gaw is quite the art teacher. She held a special art class for the teachers after school on Tuesday, where she led us all in painting some pretty cool monochrome beach scenes like this one done by yours truly:

I've never been a watercolor guy--much more a pencils only type--but I have to say this turned out pretty cool.

Before I end, I want to put today's Christmas video on here. Who can forget this scene? This movie is Christmas Day as far as I'm concerned:

At the end of the day, Mrs. Melchi stopped by to take our picture as a class all in our pajamas...

Happy Holidays from our 5-1 Family (Mitchel, Lucas, Chico, Reed, Billy, Lara, Qaliya, Kinsen, Catherine, Jenna, Emma, Madi, Fish, Kaiya, Shoji, Grant, Evan, Nick, Jack, James, Griffin, Corbin, Mr. Carter, Katelyn, Eva, and Dominick) to yours. May you have a fantastic break, and may you come back rested, refreshed, and ready to keep on learning and growing.

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