Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finding Your People

Five days left, and we are going to be busy people this week for sure. We're going to try to finish Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler this week, we'll start a "new" read aloud book, we'll learn about commas and semicolons, different kinds of stars, asteroids, meteorites, and we'll also take another look at the sunrise/sunset times; in Math we'll be taking a test to finish out book one of Everyday Math this year; we'll be doing a little bit more economics along with addressing our letters; exploring different viewpoints, and writing our own legends before the week is done.

The plan is for Friday to be our movie day for our reward for the kids' behavior for the second quarter. I'll give the kids three choices on that day. Of course, this is assuming the kids are able to fill the water jug by Friday.

Speaking of Fridays, last Friday was a pretty great day. We got off to a great start with compliments from Mrs. Gaw, the art teacher, and things pretty much went up (with a couple of snags) from there.

Here is the basic run-down as far as tests and quizzes go for this week:

Tuesday: Science Vocab Quiz #1
Wednesday: Math Test Chapter 6
Thursday: Science Vocab Quiz #2
Friday: Spelling Test

I've decided that the Spelling Test this week will go along with our Rigby vocab from this week (vocab and spelling are two different things in Rigby). I'm going to just give them the Rigby vocab list for Chapter 8 for Friday.

Here is that list:


There are a few toughies in there, and therefore we will not have our usual Latin stem this week.

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