Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Palm Trees in December

Happy Birthday to Evan Neukam! Hope everything went just the way you wanted it to go today. Well, other than the fact that it wasn't a snow day, that is.

A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Gaw today for leading the teachers in an "art therapy" session after school. I was able to paint a pretty sweet little beach scene that made me forget all about the fact that it's cold outside.

Today we took the Science quiz; tomorrow we will have a Math test. I feel pretty good about how the kids will do on the Math. And just eyeballing their vocab quizzes for Science, I'd say they did pretty well on that one also.

Everyone have a fantastic evening!


Anonymous said...

Yea we need to meet up again some time. Maybe this week:)-Nick Schipp

Jeff said...

I must have missed you, Nick! Let me know when would be a good day.