Friday, December 20, 2013


This is Dominick. By now, Dominick has to be in Germany. He left early yesterday to spend the break with his grandparents in Essen. Here are some fun facts about Dominick:

  • He is a Cub Scout, soon to be a Boy Scout. I do believe he is going to be crossing over to Troop 202 out of St. Elizabeth Seton.
  • He was the first person to ask if he could be a featured character in our GCL's this year.* In one from this week, he helped Big Roy decorate the animal shelter for Christmas.
  • Just yesterday, he assured us that the pretzel-eating, Lederhosen-wearing image most people have of Germany is actually a misconception. He told us that it's only in southern Germany that everyone eats pretzels and wears Lederhosen.**
  • Dominick is such a great kid that he earned enough tickets to get a feature written about him here on Mr. Carter's Dojo. Congratulations, Dominick! If there's anything I didn't cover, please let me know. 
  • He had his first swim meet of the season last weekend. 
  • I'm jealous that he's in Germany right now. 
*GCL's used to be called DOL's, up until they called for all teachers to stop doing DOL's. Then that was changed and now we're able to give them again, so long as we focus in on whatever we're covering in Language Arts that week or to review. DOL, by the way, stands for Daily Oral Language. GCL stands for Grammar City Limits, a play on Austin City Limits, just because I like that show.

**I laughed out loud at this one. He compared it to the Germans' image of the United States. They think we're all a bunch of gun-slinging desperadoes firing at Native Americans. As he said, we all know that that's only "in the Western states." I love my job.

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