Monday, August 7, 2017

From Some Other Beginning's End

Well, here I am again.

Yesterday, while I was at the store, I was going through all of the school supplies and making sure I had everything (I assure you I didn't), and I saw all of the college dorm supplies. This got me thinking about the start of the school year from their standpoint.

As much as we enjoy summer and a small part of us laments starting school next week, we all at least know we are waking up and going to bed in the place where we've always done so. This includes the kids who are going off to Clay and to the high school. For the most part, our lives will continue on the way they always have.

I have stayed pretty tight with some of the families from the class that is starting college this year, more so than in years past. I've heard from some of my old students who are a bit nervous about the big changes in their lives. I remember them, and while they were scary, they were really pretty exciting.

Wherever you are, and whatever school you are going to this year, I know that this school year has awesome things in store for you.

As the wise storyteller says: Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. 

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