Monday, June 20, 2016


As far as we are concerned in the northern hemisphere, today is the farthest away the south pole will ever be titled away from the sun. Transversely, this is the closest the north pole will ever be to the the sun.

This is also one of those rare times when a solstice occurs on the same night as a full moon. Tonight is the Strawberry Moon, so I'm sure it's good luck to eat a strawberry while looking at it. Of course, this assumes that it won't be raining and thus cloudy while it's going on. Right now, it's raining.

Of course, the winter solstice happened during winter break, and now that it's the summer solstice, of course it's summer break. So we didn't really get to talk about any of this on the very day it happened, but this is the material we covered in class.

Yeah, this is the kind of thing that [good] teachers geek out over!

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