Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lines On Paper

Today I went to the last of my graduation open houses. I'm done for 2016! I still have gifts for some of them that I couldn't make, but I'm finished with open houses now officially.

I was so happy that so many of them not only still had the pictures I drew for them during the school year, but most of them even had the pictures posted as a part of their picture boards. Today another former student, a rising senior, told me that hers is still hanging on her wall at home as well.

Sometimes when I'm working to get those things cranked out, I remind myself that those things end up around for a long time. Thanks to everyone who hold on to those! It means a lot when I find out, years later, that they're still hanging around. That makes it well worth it.

It was fun seeing Becca, Izzy, Grant, Justin, Mitchell, Jacob, Corey, Abi, and anyone I missed earlier today.

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