Friday, June 24, 2016

Combine Them All and Call It YouTwitFace

Kids! Pay attention to this! I wish you could learn from the mistakes of the generation before you, but from a few experiences toward this end of this past school year dealing with and putting out your online fires, you're only making things worse through your Snapchat, Instagram, Musically (did I spell that right? I don't actually care...), or whatever else the heck you people use. Vines? John Cena? The "HottestTopix" app from the journalism class?

Enjoy each others' company face to face without feeling the need to put everything online. It's nobody else's business, and if you have to share it to make yourself feel better or feel more popular, you'd better make sure it's all appropriate and isn't going to backfire on you, make you look like an idiot, or worse, hurt someone else.

Sorry. I took this picture a long time ago, and I've waited until a lull in the blogging material before posting it. You are heading into the most turbulent parts of your adolescent life. Don't make it worse on purpose.

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