Monday, March 14, 2016


Well, look at who got a special shout-out in the Woodbrook World on such a tight turn-around! In the little article, it thanks me for showing kids how to give back to the community, but really we all know the thanks should go out to the parents and kids, and especially to Tina Fleming, for the whole big shebang. Thanks again, everyone. I heard this morning that we set a record for doing 900+ bags in under two hours. What can I say? We all work together well.

This morning I had the students put their notecards full of information into categories. I stood and had the students tell me categories of what I was wearing--things about my plaid shirt, my pants, my shoes, etc. We took all the facts that had to do with my shirt and put them together. The same went for my pants and then my shoes. Then I had the kids put their notecards into categories similarly. I told them to spread them out, take a look at them overall, and then try to categorize their research. It turned out pretty well. Tomorrow we will talk about writing an outline.

We also took some time this morning to fill out our March Madness brackets. This is the time where I have to apologize to anyone who isn't into that kind of thing--it was only about fifteen minutes! But I have to say that a much larger portion of my class got into it than I thought would at first.

I hope everyone has a decent week--from the looks of the weather, the barometric pressure will be up and down like a yo-yo this week, so I hope things don't get too volatile on you at home or here at school. I'll try to keep things on an even keel on my end.

Have a great week, everyone!

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