Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Architecture and Mortality

Today in Math, my class became city planners as they designed their own cities of the future. We used the scale modeling we've been doing in class, and they are turning out pretty well. Tomorrow our quiz will be easy-peasey, then we will continue on with our cities, already in progress.

Earlier in the day we read the end of a short book that we began just on Monday. The book is called On My Honor, and it's the one sad book I read out loud to the class. Everyone did like it, from what I gathered. It's about two boys that go down to the river to swim, but only one comes out. He has to deal with the guilt and the truth when confronted later on. We didn't have any tears, but it was sad nonetheless.

Tomorrow is a Caesar's English quiz! Don't forget to study!

Last but not least, let's not forget to dress tropically tomorrow. It should look like a regular luau in Area 51.

(And by the way, fans of OMD, imagine how excited I was to be able to use this post's title in such a fitting way...)

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