Sunday, February 2, 2014

Punxutawney Phil, You Never Let Us Down

Happy Groundhog's Day, everybody! (Or is it "Groundhogs' Day"? Is it a special day for all groundhogs, or only Punxutawney Phil?)

Well, unfortunately, Ol' Phil did indeed see his shadow. And we all know what that means. Unfortunately as well, moving to the South isn't going to do us much good anymore. So let's just agree to grit our teeth, shovels and snowplows in hand, and battle Old Man Winter together--coffee cups (okay, hot cocoa for the chillens) in hand.

Jeesh. Just look at that smug look on his face.

If you believe what they're saying, we could be in for another day or so of nasty weather this week. I have made a full week's worth of lesson plans (my coffee mug is half-full, not half-empty), but even that is full of holes. On Wednesday, my class is set to take part in the state-wide stress test on the computer internet systems for the ISTEP test. I guess they're hoping to avoid yet another snafu like last year's round of testing. Let it be said that 5-1 is doing its part to make sure that all goes much more smoothly than it went in 2013.

All "joking" aside (and after careful retrospective editing...), we have to get as much done this week as possible. We have a busy busy week ahead. We are getting a new student on Wednesday, so it's my hope that he won't be too freaked out by our crazy schedule. The kids have already had some good ideas for making him feel included and comfortable, so that makes me hopeful.

Here's to another winter-addled week to everyone out there. Remember: You're not the only one. Make the kids shovel the drive. Remind the kids of what life would be like if we really were in the Colonial Days (this FRIDAY!).

Happy week, everyone. May you all remain shoveled out, warm, and with a mug of coffee (cocoa) in hand. 

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