Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's Fun When You Snap Them Yourself

Hey, everybody! I promise to post more pictures later from last Friday, but for now, you will have to take this picture of Evan and I with our Colonial Day suspenders. It was a good day. Thanks to our parent volunteers: Mrs. Springirth, Mrs. Mallon, Mr. Lundy, Mrs. King, Mrs. Kepler, Mrs. Hurdle, Mrs. Hadley, Mrs. Elshire, Mrs. Detamore, Mrs. Colvin, Mr. Cobas, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Beutler, Mrs. Baier, and especially Mrs. Anderson, who coordinated the whole thing. I also want to thank Mrs. Smiler for co-coordinating. These volunteers have had a lot to do in the past month or two, and I think we're just about done with this whole cluster of activities.

Well, then again, we do have the Spring Parties on Friday, so yeah... one more time, guys?

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Anonymous said...

Cool two suspender men