Monday, October 7, 2013

You Just Get Better

Here are this week's spelling words:
  • almanac
  • biography
  • calendar
  • directory
  • geographic
  • quotation
  • statistics
  • survey
  • bibliography
  • journal
  • literature
  • periodical
The Latin stem this week is inter, meaning between. Examples provided on the list are intermission, intergalactic, interrupt, and interstate.

Students did receive their Stage Crew letters today. I told them that 66 kids tried out for sixteen positions. We discussed the low probability of anyone individually getting in to stage crew, but we talked also about how--if they needed a back-up for any reason--they were much more likely to be called upon if they took their defeat gracefully rather than crying. I think the stats made them feel better about it actually.

States and capitals quiz tomorrow! I was a little saddened by how few people knew any of the states and capitals from this list, but I did tell them it would be a really good idea to cram tonight. Not the best way to study, but it's better than nothing at all. I reminded them that we would be having these quizzes every Tuesday until we were through. I told them that the jury is still out on the final one with all of the states and capitals.

I told the kids that for tonight and tonight only that I would eliminate their 20 minutes of reading because of the amount of homework and studying they have to do tonight. 

Wednesday of this week make sure to wear ORANGE to school. It's for an anti-bullying campaign here at Woodbrook. 

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