Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

Well, once I have one of the kids help me get the pictures from my camera onto the blog, I promise to get some photos on here from the other day. I think I've been spoiled by the simplicity of using an iPhone for my pictures, but I take a lot, and I have no idea how much space they would take up in my memory.

Speaking of memories, however, I want to thank the parents of 5-1 for helping my class make some great ones on Friday. A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Detamore, Mrs. Mallon, Mr. Neukam, Mrs. Beutler, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Cobas, Mrs. Hurdle, Mrs. King, and Mr. Lundy for coming along with us as the kids learned to work as a team and challenge themselves and walk around in a creek. I don't think I was alone in being a bit worried at first about how they were going to work as a team. As many times as I've led those very same activities (wow, it has to be at least a hundred times, literally) and seen groups come together as a team, it's always different when they're yours.

And as much as it's more nerve-wracking when they're your class, it's also much more rewarding when you see them finally start to listen to each other and begin cooperating.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic (however rainy) weekend. I'll see everyone tomorrow for a day full of full steam ahead.

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