Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Image Versus Substance

Welcome back from fall break! Here's the deal:
  • Next week, students will be giving their procedural speeches. Today I gave the students their rubrics for how these will be graded. Tomorrow we will talk about their notecards and how to put just the main ideas on them.
  • We will have a Math test on Friday. This is just over division. The only tricky part may be interpreting the decimal. See tonight's study link for more information on that front.
  • Here's the rubric from the aforementioned procedural project:
    Procedural Speech Project
    Grading Rubric

    _____ 5 points     Introduction: I have a clear introduction which tells what is being taught. If this is something that your classmates may not have heard of, then explain what it is before going on.
    _____ 5 points    Materials Listed: At the beginning, I lay out and say aloud all of the materials we would need if we were going to make this on our own.
    _____ 15 points    Steps Explained: Each step is clearly identified and demonstrated individually for the audience members.
    _____ 5 points    Conclusion: I showed my audience the finished product and wrapped up my speech without saying, “I’m done.”
    _____ 5 points    Audible Voice: I spoke clearly and was easily heard by my audience members without yelling.
    _____ 5 points    Eye Contact: I looked at my audience when it was not necessary for me to look at the project I was creating.

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