Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Something to Show

Today we watched a really quick video about how to make macaroni. Yesterday we watched one on how to tie a tie. We're watching these to demonstrate to the kids how I'm going to want them to do their demonstration speeches coming up in a few weeks.

Here's a link to the one from today:

I told them to note how they show and explain all of the ingredients or materials needed for their project, and how they show and tell everything as they're doing it.

The kids won't be actually giving these speeches for a couple weeks yet, but I wanted to give an idea for what I am hoping for before we get started brainstorming what they can show in class for their procedural speech.

We also read about Duke Ellington, the kids read their kindergarten books (they will be reading to a kindergartener, each student having a turn on a rotating basis, as a part of their Daily 5 schedule).

Tomorrow my hope is to be able to have the kids do a Science experiment as a part of their Matter Unit. Should be a pretty interesting and fun.

Looking forward to Friday's field trip. I've never been to Camp Jameson, but it sounds exactly like what I used to do at Camp Tecumseh. I told the kids to be on their absolute best behavior and that I expect good things out of all of them.

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