Sunday, October 27, 2013

Busy Times Just Ahead

Pay attention this week, because there will be many reminders and announcements throughout. The first is that your child's procedural (how-to) speech is one day this week. They all wrote down their own. The ones who go on Thursday (the day after the fifth grade musical) and Friday (the day after Halloween) all volunteered for those spots, by the way.

The fifth grade musical, as I said, is on Wednesday night. Hopefully you all know the time, because on the Woodbrook calendar, it just says "TBA". I'll try and track that down and post it here ASAP.

YIKES! I just realized while looking at that calendar that Veterans' Day is in two weeks. This can only mean one thing for 5-1; we need to get rocking and decide who's going to do what and get it knocked out.

More to come.

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