Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time Grabs You By the Wrist

Hope you all enjoyed the incredible weather this weekend. I also hope your kids are ready for this week. I have my lesson plans maxed out in preparation for a busy week.

One thing you should know this week: I will not be in school for a good chunk of this week. At the very minimum, I will be gone exactly half of it. On Tuesday, I have a half day training in the morning. I will be back by 11:30, though. On Wednesday, I have a totally different training at another school, and this one will last the entire day. On Thursday, I have jury duty. That's why I said "minimum", because who knows how long the court case will last. If you are the parent of a girl, I imagine you've heard about this by now. If you're the parent of a boy, I imagine this is news. That just seems to be the way it works in my twelve previous years of teaching.

Now more than ever, please call or email the front office if you need me during that time.

Here are a few other notes for this week:
  • A huge thank you to Mrs. Anderson, who came in and stapled up the kids' buffalo winter counts from last week. She even cut out letters to put above them. They're in the hallway right across from the library. If you're in the building, make sure you walk by and see them. It looks great. Thanks again, Mrs. Anderson.
  • We still need volunteers to go with us to Camp Jameson on October 4, 2013. We only have two so far, and we will need at least three or four.
  • Permissions slips and waivers for that trip are both due this Friday. Get them in!
  • I will update this blog tomorrow with this week's Spelling list along with the Latin stem tomorrow morning.

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