Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Infinity For the Finite

The winds of change are a-blowin' in the 5-1 classroom. New units in Math (in Math today, I tried to explain to the class the idea of a line which goes on for infinity in both directions, not in actuality, but according to the Platonic ideal...that threw some of them, but some did get it--as well as a story told to me by my hippie teacher in high school about infinity) and Science (we talked atoms and molecules at the introductory level--as well as all matter) took place today.

Happy Birthday to Katelyn C today! I hope your favorite boy band comes and sings you happy birthday sometime today. Sorry, all I remember is that they're not called One Direction. 

I sent home release forms to four kids today who didn't have them in yet for next week's field trip. Should be an awesome time.

Homework tonight is Math Boxes 3.3, a Math Box fill-out sheet, Meaning Exercise for Spelling, and reading for 20 minutes.


Kendra said...

Does it cost for parents to go on the fieldtrip?

Jeff said...

No it does not!