Thursday, September 12, 2013


Tomorrow we have Theme Test 2 and Spelling Test 3. The Social Studies test is due tomorrow.

We began a new book today. After finishing Number the Stars yesterday, we are taking a more lighthearted approach to our read-aloud with The Genius Files. As good as the previous one was, this one is, I must admit, much more of a fun read.

Math has been a bit tedious of late, but never worry. We'll get through this arithmetic stuff soon and then be on our way down the path of the more engaging stuff. I gave them time to work in class today on their homework, so they may not have any math homework tonight.


paige !!!!! said...

so many good times with pep and coke even though it was repetitive

Jeff said...

As I say, it's like comfort food.

Isabella R White said...

aww Genius Files