Monday, September 9, 2013

Mostly Invisible Things

Happy Birthday, Billy K! Sorry I didn't even realize it was your birthday until the end of the day today. By the way, you share a birthday with Adam Sandler and Star Trek made its television premier in 1966 on your birthday.

Today, especially during the first part of the day, there was so much coughing in my classroom that it sounded like a meeting for people who want to quit smoking. Make sure everyone is taking their vitamin C and scrubbing your hands and drinking orange juice. You may even try washing your hands in orange juice. Okay, maybe not.

And by the way, Mrs. Ratner emailed me asking for more people to audition for the Fall Musical. I told her I would get my class on the task. Auditions this week are after school on Wednesday and Thursday. I went down their to check out the times, and it looks like we do have a few ladies and at least on gentleman on the list. It sounds like we could use a few more, though.

Something that made me extremely happy was receiving last year's ISTEP scores this afternoon. Not only did I shed a manly tear (not literally) looking over those old names again, but doggone it, you guys ended up smarter than when you came in. I realize that is obviously the goal for coming into a school year, but it's awesome to see the growth supported in measurable data. While I'm not supportive of measuring 100% of student growth that way, it's good that at least the stats do support what we did last year.

Make sure you stop in at Cool River Pizza Wednesday night, in particular between 5:30-7:30, where you will find Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Larson, or Mrs. Bintrim serving pizza. Don't worry, I'm signed up to be a server, but not until the pizza nights for April and May. 

Looking for a quick volunteer helper opportunity? I need someone to come in any time this week and help staple up the kids' buffalo winter counts. Tomorrow the absentees from Friday should be showing theirs off, so any time after that would be great.

Also, don't forget to let me know if you can go to the field trip to Jameson Camp on October 4. Should be a ton of fun, and by then the weather will be nice and cooled off.

Lastly, seeing as how this blog is dedicated to the furthering of education, I want to recognize my sister, Kim Johnson, who was promoted today to Director of Communications and Marketing for Wabash College. To get a job that high up as a female in an all-male college is an impressive feat. I am really proud of her. 

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