Sunday, December 11, 2016

Objects In Motion

First off, I want to thank Mrs. Goodburn for a great idea in the fall of asking for a couple of beanbag chairs for the kids during silent reading. For a few weeks now, we have had both a basketball beanbag and a football beanbag. Thank you to everyone who crowd-funded this during the Mane Event!

Secondly, on Thursday, the kids tried their hands at engineering as they tried to create lunar landers, a la the Lunar Lander engineered by NASA for the moon landing. I am happy to say that most of these kids were able to make something given their materials that managed to stay upright. We will have more of these throughout the week this week. It's all a part of the NASA Design Squad program, and it's all a part of the fifth grad standards, which means two birds with one stone! Love that.

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