Sunday, December 11, 2016

Alpha Male Fairy Tale

On Friday, my good friend from high school, Mr. Adam Biddle, came in to read to the class. Adam is a Battalion Chief for the Noblesville Fire Department.

This was really fun for me personally for a number of reasons. The biggest was watching him interact with my class. He did such a great job of answering the kids' questions, and believe me, they were plentiful. Without it seeming at all like a PSA, he gave the kids some pretty sound advice for fire safety. Like the best of my guest readers, it was obvious that he was having a great time.

He came in and, before doing anything else, told a story about back when we were in college and were camping at Turkey Run. It was then that I realized that I didn't need to put any effort whatsoever into this...he had everything under control. If the rest of the day had been free, I would have just had him stay and run my class until 2:35.

I couldn't find the book I had picked out for him, but then I noticed a book that was perfect for Adam. He is a life-long baseball fan, having played in high school, and has been a Cubs fan since he was a little kid. I found a David Shannon book in my cabinet called How Georgie Radbourne Saved Baseball. It was appropriate, not only because of the baseball connection, but it also took place during the winter.

Before he left, he told me to go ahead and sign him up for next year. I definitely will, and I will also block out a much bigger span of time for him. Well done, old friend.

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