Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Happy Birthday to Nick!

As I said yesterday on the previous post, Nick is also one of the kindest people you will ever meet. The smile you see above is honestly the look that he always has on his face.

Nick is one of those kids who just doesn't have an enemy. Everyone likes him that I know of. In fact, if someone doesn't like him, that tells me far more about that individual than it does Nick. I am 99.9% sure that Nick never once had a late homework assignment (and on the off chance that he did, I'm sure he felt awful about it and made it up as soon as possible no matter the sacrifice). He was the social conscience of the group at all times, and in a group of kids as good as mine, that's really saying something.

I could see Nick going in any number of directions in his life. He drew me a few pictures that are still up on my bulletin board. He was such an incredible writer that I could see him doing something with that. Then again, he is so mathematically minded that I could see him being an architect or an engineer or a scientist or something like that. He is an excellent writer, mathematician, and a superior athlete. With all that, is there any doubt that he has a great future ahead of himself?

But all of this just sits beside him. The reason he's such a special person isn't that he's so talented. It's that he's just a great kid, and a wonderful person. That's what is going to carry him far in life. Everything else is just extra.

You're one of my favorite people, Nick, and you always will be. I hope you have a great birthday, kiddo. You more than deserve it.

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