Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Week In the Woods

This past week, I was at karate camp. I’ve done this for one week every year for the past thirteen years. Most of you know I spent seven or eight years (I can’t really remember, honestly) before that spending the entire summer at Camp Tecumseh.

While camping isn’t quite as big a part of my life as it was before, it really is still important to me. In my younger years, I somehow was able to live in a cabin with two other college kids and ten 10/11 year olds for the entire summer. I remember walking into my cabin at night and feeling like I was walking into a sauna. I remember lining the boys’ wet shoes along the roof of the cabin to dry them out, to no avail (it was way too humid).

If it’s the least bit muggy outside, I instantly burst into sweat. This has been the case forever. Nothing smells worse at the end of a week at camp than my camp laundry. Believe me, I had to hold my nose while I piled my laundry into the washing machine when I got home.

Anyway, I had wanted to get a picture of all of the Woodbrook folks at karate camp so that I could post it on the Woodbrook Facebook page, but it just wouldn’t align. We had our fair share: Emma and Ally Mallon, Nathan and Catherine Pham, Colin Kane, Ben and Luke Gasta, and a few more that I’ve never had in class. At least I got that picture of me and Luke.

One thing that was good about this week is that I was able to take a few people out onto the lake to get some lake samples for studying the organisms. I have saved the samples and have already put them under the microscope, so hopefully the tech worked and I will be able to use the specimens for science this year during the predator-prey part of science this year.

I still don’t have my class list for this year, but I have heard from a few people who are ready for it to come out.

You and me both!


Jenny Andrews said...

keeping our fingers crossed !

Jeff said...

Me too! :)