Monday, July 25, 2016


Happy Birthday, Chandler!

Chandler taught me more about professional wrestling this year than I have known since the late 80's. Sure, everyone knew about John Cena, but Chandler taught me about Bo Dallas, Seth Rollins, and Tyler Breeze. I loved the time I would get to spend talking with Chandler. He is a pretty quiet kid who absorbs more than he lets out, and that is a quality more kids should have. In fact, I often didn't realize just how much he took in until I was talking with him one on one. We talked about everything from my karate coaching to his dog to what would happen in his Math class.

The other kids in class were quick to rush to Chandler's side when it was called for. I think this is because he is such a loyal and steadfast friend to them. He's the type of person who did not ever need to have an advantage over anyone else nor felt competitive whatsoever toward them. He was just a polite young man who would be there for anyone. He didn't need to win against anyone else, nor did he always feel the need to be heard.

But when he did talk, people would listen. That's what happens when you think more than you speak. That's what happens when you're a person like Chandler.

Thanks for being one of the good guys, Chandler. Enjoy your day. You deserve a great one.

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