Friday, July 8, 2016

Artist In Residence

Happy Birthday to Terry! 
Terry was well-loved by everyone in 5-1 throughout the school year. His classmates were both appreciative of him as well as protective. He's a person who creates loyalty in the people around him.

Terry was the Artist in Residence of Area 51 this year. He would sit there and sketch and draw while I would teach. You may ask yourself why I would let a student do that. The answer is because I have sketchbooks full of drawings that I did 20+ years ago, and when I look at those sketchbooks, I still remember what I was listening to or watching while I drew the pictures. I understood where Terry's artistic mind was and how it worked, and believe me, it works. 

In fact, Terry was the first person since the year 2007 who has earned a place on my artists's gallery in the back of the room. I'm obviously pretty picky about whose work goes on that wall.

Terry also had the factor going for him that he was a 5-1 legacy. His sister, Maggie, was in my class several years ago (in fact, she will be a senior next year...). I have watched Terry grow up out of the corner of my eye over the past several years, hoping that I would get the chance to have one more Moriarity in my class before they left Woodbrook for good. Turns out I was lucky.

What's more, Terry's birthday is the day right before mine, so he's my birthday buddy. 

I hope you have a fantastic birthday, Terry! You deserve it!


T Moriarity said...

You need emojis on this blog, so we could "love" this post! I shared it with the rest of the family so they could see why Terry loved Area 51 so much. We will certainly miss you and all of the WB staff. I'm sure Terry will be sending you a lot of drawings as the years go by. He loved the bond that sketching created between you two. Thanks for all you do, and we look forward to reading about the shenanigans of the lucky students in next year's Area 51.

Jeff said...


Thanks so much. I look forward to getting pictures throughout the years. Terry definitely holds a special spot--not just with me, but with all of his classmates as well.