Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Happy Birthday, Grace!

To say that Grace is always in a good mood would be an understatement. You see that look on her face right now? That's how she seriously always looks. 5-1 had its fair share of positive people in it this year, but I would be hard-pressed to think of anyone who out-did Grace this year on that front.*

Grace always spoke her mind, but was always more than polite in doing so. She was always one of the first to raise her hand when I would ask a question, read a Two-Minute Mystery, or asked why--for instance--the boys were so noisy coming down the hallway. Seriously. Even though no one else raised their hand and it obviously wasn't her, she would always be the first to raise her hand. She wasn't tattling, either. She was just trying to diffuse the situation. That's the kind of person she is.

She always gave her best effort for me, giving 125% effort, just to make up for a few other students in case they weren't quite at 100%. 

I have absolutely no doubt that Grace is going to thrive in about two weeks (ugh) when school starts. Her teachers are going to be lucky to have her. I'm actually jealous of them for what they have ahead of them. I'm glad to know that I was the last teacher who will ever get to have her all day.

Happy Birthday, Grace! You definitely deserve it.

*Okay, I'm just gonna say this now, but the person whose birthday is tomorrow? Probably the male version of Grace in terms of a positive outlook at all times. Just so you know I'm still being sincere when I say it about him too.


Mindy Fleming said...

Mr. Carter,
I enjoyed reading your blog about Grace on her birthday! Those were some pretty nice words about her, thanks for sharing:)

She absolutely LOVED your class and loved having you as her teacher! Thank you for all you did this past year:)
See you in a few weeks!

Jeff said...

So glad that you read it. Thanks for commenting to let me know. Grace was such a force for the positive, as I said. She asked for nothing and was nothing but a beam of sunshine every day. Needless to say, I loved having her in class as well.