Saturday, July 9, 2016

And It's a Beautiful Day

I normally wouldn't post anything about my own birthday, but I did let it be known yesterday when I posted for Terry. But just so it's not about me, let me instead tell you everyone else who has a birthday today:
  • My old grad school cohort and friend Amy Toscano Rittenhouse. 
  • Former 5-1 parent, Grant Moore's mom.
  • Tom Hanks--the most trusted man in America. Not too shabby!
  •  Fred Savage, the kid from The Wonder Years. Also, I don't watch very many TV shows at all, but one I did watch this year was his and Rob Lowe's The Grinder. Of course, it got canceled. 
  • Courtney Love, who is famous for being Kurt Cobain's wife. We're kind of sliding downhill pretty quickly now...
  • And then we also have O.J. Simpson. It looks like someone got some gloves for his birthday!
  • Last but not least, today is Jacob Bailey's little brother's birthday. Unfortunately, I can't remember his first name, but I did meet him earlier this summer, and he seems like a very cool kid with a very cool birthday. 
What's more? Today was Dr. Who day. Seriously. It's been advertised in the Fishers Public Library for months now, and there was much celebration planned. I didn't see that much revelry when I was there this morning, though. I have only watched that show once because of the insistence of my students and many friends, but I have to admit it just didn't stick to me the way you might think something that geeky would. But nevertheless, I do know that fans love it, and I am happy that they got an unofficial holiday on my birthday.

So happy birthday to us, Amy, Chrissy, Tom, Fred, Courtney, O.J., and Jacob's brother! Plus, happy Dr. Who Day to all those Dr. Who fans out there. Here's to another trip around the sun.

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