Sunday, July 16, 2017

Punching and Kicking and Cash

Two bullet for this Sunday:
  • First off, I did a poor job in that I didn't get a picture of Will K. and his family last Monday, when I finally delivered on my PTO silent auction item in giving him a karate lesson. He wanted to take the lesson with his family, which was extremely cool. I taught them all kinds of escapes and self-defense moves, and word has it they have already tried them on big brother John, who was at football practice during the lesson. Don't worry, guys--I can make short work of him if you need me to! 
  • Secondly, I didn't get a shot of a former student from a little further back, Nick S., who is starting his senior year this year at CHS. I saw him at the C4 conference, where he was acting as manager for the Carmel High School's own Carmel Cafe and Market. As reported by the Indianapolis Star, Fox 59, and more, this coffee shop, which started with no money from the Carmel Clay Schools district, had a great first year with more than $90,000 in revenue. In talking to Nick, he has a serious nose for the business world, and what's more, he's a humble guy. I've known people who love to make money who can be fairly arrogant, but early success hasn't tarnished him at all. I'm proud of you, Nick.

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