Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Happy birthday, Miss Kori!

Kori was definitely one of my quieter students this year. She helped create a nice balance with some of her...other classmates.

That said, some of my favorite times were when I would be leading everyone in from recess, and Kori was always one of the people right in front of the line. She would talk to her friends, and I would get the scoop when they thought I wasn't listening. She was quite verbal when she was talking to her friends in a loose time like walking in from recess. It was always such innocent fifth grade girl talk, but I would always crack up listening to it.

Another thing that I will always think of when Kori comes to mind were her gifts. At Christmas, teacher appreciation week, and at the end of the school year--all times when I am receiving (gratefully) gifts from students left and right--the kids would all stand in line, give me their gifts, get their hug after I read their note and opened the package, and then it would be time for morning announcements, math, etc. It never failed...I would always find, later in the day, a gift and a card from Kori, only when she wasn't around to receive the thank you and the hug. But doggone it if she didn't write the nicest letters I would receive. They were always so darn heartfelt.

It was just like Kori to do that. Never wanting the recognition, but as deserving (and often more so) than anyone.

Well, Kori, you can't help it. Here is your birthday recognition. I hope you have a great day today, and that you remember to look at this post today. You definitely deserve it!

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