Sunday, December 6, 2015

Time Is On Some Other Side

The Woodbrook fifth grade teachers would like to thank you all of the students and parents who made last Friday possible. First off, a huge thanks goes to Michelle Carlton, who organized the whole thing for all of the fifth grade. She told me the job was easy, but I can't believe that's true, just because the work she put into it that I know about is much more than I would have wanted to take on by myself.

Thanks also to these parent volunteers who went along with us on Friday and made sure the shops were in running order: Mindy Fleming, Lori Thomas, Stacy Dashiell, Crystal Wood, Jennifer Croner, Tammy Egger, Meg Fuertges, Mia Cercone, Carrie Maniaci, and Tina Fleming. The kids had such an awesome learning experience, and it was all thanks to you. Thanks also to the many parents who came in to interview the kids--most of whom I never even realized were in the building that day.

The good news is that we are back into a normal week this week. In fact, this may just be a plain old regular week. The one thing that will be a little bit different is that the kids have earned another movie day for this Friday. After taking our Spelling test, we will watch a movie that I haven't decided on yet. The kids have their own ideas, but so do I.

Thanks again to you all. Let's go make this a great week.

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