Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Free to Choose

In Mr. C's homeroom class, we are doing a report about any topic we choose. We will be working on the report for this six weeks. For tomorrow, we are supposed to come up with 3 topics, and we will choose one of them to write about later on.

We are also finding someone interesting that we would like to interview. Our homework is to find the special person by Monday. That person can be someone who collects something interesting, have a special skill, or be someone you just want to get to know better. We will soon be making up our interview questions and actually interviewing the person. Remember, he or she has to be an adult, they have to be living on their own (not living with their parents), and you can't interview anyone in your direct family.

There are THREE tests on Friday. The Spelling Test, the Caesar's English test, and the Igneous rocks test. Make sure you study for all three of them!


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